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Drugs often target receptors, elaborate what it is meant by receptors. Talk about the types of receptors and how they work. “ Talk about opioids,what are they,medical use of opioids,opioids addiction “ Illustrate how the drug morphine works.the mechanism of action of morphine, routes of administration of morphine, distribution of morphine in the body,metabolism of morphine,excretion of morphine,effect of morphine, side effect of morphine.
April 9, 2021
Cardinal Health Employee Practices
April 9, 2021

Write a 200-word original response to the question below, or write a 200-word response to another students’ post. The Purpose of œDiscussions is to interact with one another and learn from the discourse. So try not to simply post an œonline essay but engage one another, play with ideas, and propose challenges and extensions to one another’s posts. Be sure to use proper APA citations and list references where needed Question NFPA 1500 is a standard. Does this make it a law as well? Explain why or why not? What use is it and what are its strengths and limitations in terms of the Fire Service/EMS services?

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