Health Care in UA

Nursing pain management and nursing practice
April 9, 2021
.Analyze the complexity of cost behaviors in health care organizations and describe how costs are classified according to their relationship with volume.
April 9, 2021

Choose one of the following questions. The organization and practices of modern hospitals reflect the promotion of specialization and sub-specialization by academic medical centers. What were the advantages and disadvantages to patients of increasing the number of physicians who limit their activities to narrower fields of practice? Hospitals are facing unprecedented financial challenges from entrepreneurial physician initiatives that are establishing competitive, free-standing diagnostic and treatment centers and specialty hospitals. In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages to these developments from a patient perspective? Organizations such as the LeapFrog Group represent a growing trend to survey and report on the quality of hospital care and to make the findings available to the public. What are your opinions about the public’s readiness to deal with having this information available and using it to make choices about medical care?

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