Health Disparities & Social Determinants of Health Assessment

Discuss one health disease you chose and why you chose it and what you hope to learn from the topic and the research you found regarding the personal impact topic you choose
April 9, 2021
Health sciences and medicine
April 9, 2021

Process: First, select a high-risk, diverse group within your local area of practice. Then, identify a health concern, which is particularly relevant to this group.  Provide the appropriate evidence to support your claims.  Examine how cultural, historical, political, ecological, and economic factors are contributing to the health issue(s) you identified within your specified population. Look closely at your community, the issue, and the affected group. Analyze the situation from multiple facets and perspectives. Include scholarly references and summarize your findings. In addition to creating a written summary of your findings, review the literature and determine what strategies are most appropriate to promote/improve health for your target population: Identify at least one advantage and one disadvantage for both of these approaches.

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