Health sciences and medicine

Analyze the impact of financing the present U.S. health care system and the consequential ramifications for citizens.
April 9, 2021
Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act
April 9, 2021

Health sciences and medicine Project description HSN309 Food Policy and Regulation Assignment 1 (50% of total unit mark) Part 1: 1. Record a total of twelve (12) different labelled foods and/or beverages that you usually consumeor that you are interested in finding out about, and complete all details required in the excel spreadsheet. Make sure foods and beverages are quite different to each other eg, don’t have tinned fruit as well as tinned vegetables, or several different flavoured yoghurts or 5 different kinds of bread. Try to go for a cross section of foods that span the food groups and include different processes. 2. Where possible collect and keep labels from products consumed or take photographs of them so they can be placed in an appendix in your report. 3. Compare all the data with the Food Standards Code to determine whether it all complies, eg if the product is fortified with vitamins or minerals check the relevant part of the Food Standards Code to see if that food is permitted to have those vits and mins added and in the amounts claimed for. 4. Make a note in the final column of any breaches of the Food Standards Code. 5. Prepare a short report (200 words) on your findings. Comment on what this experience has shown you about the foods and beverages you consume and the operation of the Food Standards Code in Australia. Component % of marks Data accuracy and assessment of compliance Data entry complete and as accurate as possible Analysis of compliance complete and accurate 5% Report Discussion of findings Reflection 5% Part 2: Assessment of an Application to change the Food Standards Code In this part of the assignment you will investigate the processes undertaken when a company makes an application to amend the Food Standards Code, using an actual application “ Application A500 “ Addition of Calcium to Cereal-Based Beverages. You will also prepare a hypothetical submission highlighting your preference and the reasons why. Go to and download all documents: Application [ pdf 582 kb ] Initial Assessment Report “ 16 June 2004 [ word | pdf 265 kb ] Draft Assessment Report “ 3 August 2005 [ word | pdf 595 kb] Final Assessment Report “ 7 December 2005 [ word | pdf 653 kb ] Also download the Gazettal Notice relating to this Application, here Follow the steps below to work through the documents and to prepare your report. Steps: 1. Read the Application document to familiarise yourself with what the company is requesting and why. Prepare a short summary as an introduction to your report. 2. Read the Initial Assessment Report (all pages). Summarise the main components of this report, ie what aspects were covered, what content was addressed. 3. Read the Draft Assessment Report (pages 1-42) and comment on how it differed to the initial assessment report. This could be displayed as a table. 4. Read the Nutrition Assessment Report (Pages 43-66 of the Draft Assessment Report) “ knowledge of the findings will contribute to your hypothetical submission later on. 5. Compare the summary of submissions to the Initial Assessment Report (on pages 84 “ 98 of the Draft Assessment Report) and the summary of submissions to the Draft Assessment Report (pages 95-108 if the Final Assessment Report). In particular consider the different stakeholder groups (Industry or Industry related agencies, Government, Health related Agencies), and the differences in their preferred option. Postulate why each group or subgroup within each group would take the position they have.This could be displayed as a table. 6. Draw a timeline of the process from Application to Gazettal. Comment on the length of time the process took and the reasons why. 7. Write a hypothetical submission on behalf of the Public Health Association of Australia or the Australian Consumers’ Association in response to the Draft Assessment Report (not the initial assessment or the final assessment report), highlighting your preference and the reasons why. Step Component Words (approx.) % of mark 1 Application summary 200 5 2-3 Initial Assessment Report summary and comparison with Draft Assessment Report 500 15 5 Comparison of submissions from both reports and discussion of reasoning behind decisions. 500 30 6 Timeline and comment on why process took time 200 10 7 Hypothetical Submission 600 30

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