Health sciences and medicine

Case Study ( Nursing Responsibility )
July 15, 2021
Identify an area of interest in nursing, locate examples of the theorys application and utilization in practice.
July 15, 2021

Health sciences and medicine

Critically consider the application of theory for health communication to the nhs employers flu fighters campaign

Write a 3000 word essay that critically assesses the theory and evidence basis for the specific method of health promotion used as part of the nhs employers flu fighters campaign
rationale for your choice of methods and health topic
critically discuss the application of relevant communication principles and theories for the chosen health promotion method for health education
critical assessment of the role of psychological theory in communication to effect bahaviour change within the target group.
appropriate use of relevant literature and evidence based suppport of the discussion
harvard reference
consider needs of the target group, communication needs, literacy skills of the target group. Justify/rationale for the choice. communication +psychological theory i.e health belief model and one other model should be used. include beahviour change barriers to communication, mass media, social marketing

journals to look at
health communication
journal of health communication
communication in health care
health education research
health education journal
health promotion international
health promotion practice

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