healthcare leader

Select a health care provided with which you are familiar and write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you Determine the direct impact of marketing for the health care provider you selected.
July 17, 2021
Health Care Bill and Impact on the Community.
July 17, 2021

assingment #1

You can pick any female healthcare leader thats a CEO of a hospital.
Theme: Pick a Canadian or International Healthcare Leader and Profile/Analyze their Leadership path (including system/institution/people impact if possible) with a direct connection to the topics we?ve covered in class (you can use topics in the Sept 26 lecture). Looking for creativity, some thought on a person?s path, how they?ve developed?competencies gained, challenges overcome?how do you know that they are a leader?

Written Assignment — Requirements
Title page with title of paper, your name, student number, Professors names, course number, and date of submission
Printed on 8.5? by 11? paper or A4
Font of 12 point one and a half spaced (prefer Arial/Helvetica)
1.25? margins
Spellchecked and grammar checked
Use APA style
Endnotes or footnotes plus a list of references appended
Short paper no longer than 4 pages of content (excludes title page and endnotes and references.)
Grade Deductions: Written Assignments that do not conform to the above requirements will be docked a half letter grade (i.e. an A paper will become an A-).

Late Written Assignments are subject to a 2% per day penalty (including weekend days) unless the professor is advised and approves date change, in advance, of illness or other extenuating circumstances. All illnesses must be documented with a proper physician?s note stating explicitly the inability to complete work and the timeframe for which work is to be delayed.
Written Assignments — Evaluation Scheme ?
Content: Did I make a clear argument? Did my document properly aIDress its intended audience? Did I use data or other references to support my arguments/assertions/ideas? Did I reference the work of others properly? Did I move beyond a summary of references to provide my own analysis?
Style & Organization: Was my writing easy to read? Was the document free from spelling and grammatical errors? Have I shown evidence of having learned to edit and revise my own work?
Originality: Did I show evidence of having thought analytically?

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