Healthcare Statement

Phoebe is a 7 year old girl. Last year she fell off a playground toy and landed on her head. She was examoned by a neurologist and seemed ok but 2 hours after she had a grandmal seizure. she was hospitalized for ten days but was having grand mal seizures more than 15 times a day. A neuro surgeon recommended removing a brain hemisphere to eliminate seizures. she spent 7 weeks recovering. Is it possible for phoebe to recover from her surgery and not have any evidence that a portion of her brain has been removed? She also does tap dancing will she be able to dance again?
April 8, 2021
Contemporary issues in Public Health and Health Promotion
April 8, 2021

Do you agree or disagree with this statement and why?

If I were a CEO of a large group practice, providing cost effective quality care would be of great importance. There are several actions that could be taken to provide quality cost effective access to healthcare. I would set out clear cut goals and communicate these goals with everyone involved in the organization. I would make sure that all the goals and missions are understood. I would also provide a competitive compensation system to reward great effective service and work. This would in turn effect the ability to maintain these services as well as improve the efficiency ratio. Setting high standards that are clearly laid out is very important within an organization. Providing clear and concise feedback on performance is also another standard I would put into place to provide cost effective quality care. Clearly laid out feedback would help keep employees motivated and wanting to do their job well.


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