Healthy Samosa

What is the drug use history of the drug, your view on the drug what impact does it bring in todays date and on a person and how is it used as a treatment
April 9, 2021
April 9, 2021

this work is part of product development our product is healthy samosa I need writer to write about; 1-Develop process and equipment flowchart with description of whole production process. 2-Design the factory layout for the production process. 3-select process and ancillary equipment requiredto meet the defind production requirment. 4-determin the product formlations and the process spicfiction(take into acount we will produce 10000 unit per 8hr, and the averge wiegt of whole samosa 23g ,10g filling,13g base) theingridant: base 25% wholemale flour 75% plan flour oil salt cumin filling: soya chunk sweet potato onine ginger and garlic paste mix spice paste fresh corinder chilli powder yougert mint paste

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