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Week 9 Discussion
December 7, 2022
When caring for musculoskeletal injuries, what does RICE stand for?
December 7, 2022

Prior to beginning this journal entry, read “Learning in a Sociocultural Perspective” (pg. 59-63) and “Situative View of Learning” (pp. 64-68) in your text and review all of your assigned content for the week. It is important for you to have already completed your initial post in the “Connectionism and Supported Learning” discussion before you compose this journal entry.

Part 1: As you were reading this week, what vocabulary was used that was unfamiliar to you or might be to your peers? Identify three to five words from this week’s content and research each word in the context of learning and cognition. Explain, in your own words, what each word means and how it is used in the context of learning and cognition.

Part 2: Based on the week’s discourse and content, access the Ashford University Library and research one scholarly article pertaining to zone of proximal development that was published within the last 10 years. Provide a summary explanation of the findings on proximal development in the context of your article. What implications should scholars consider based on this information? Support your explanation utilizing your course sources and your researched article.

Part 3: Consider the events from the past week of your life. Did you or someone you know experience anything that supports your conclusions about the effects of proximal development on behaviors or knowledge development? Describe one personal real-life example of an occurrence that supports the implications of proximal development on our behaviors and beliefs. As you share this information, consider and apply the professional standards found in “12.06 Anonymity of Sources”found in the AERA Code of Ethics.

Part 4: Review “4. Fabrication, Falsification, and Plagiarism” in the AERA Code of Ethics. What implications should be considered in your scholarly writing? What can you do each week to assure you are conducting yourself ethically based on this area of ethical standards?

Each journal entry should be 400 to 700 words in length and should establish your understanding of the content, apply appropriate methods of ethical practices, and exhibit appropriate scaffolding of personal experience to the week’s content.

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