human sexuality

What special considerations and ethical guidelines may impact treatment success with juvenile sexual offenders? Describe how the offenses of a juvenile sexual offender may differ from a “typical” male sexual offender. What does aftercare planning look lik
January 14, 2021
Assignment 2: Mission, Vision, Values, and Ethics Statements
January 14, 2021

Reflect on the information you have learned in your readings for Module 1, thinking about information related to human sexuality that you would like to know more about.

  • Formulate a research question.
  • Why would your research question be important to study?
  • What lessons did you learn from studies such as Kinsey’s and Master’s & Johnson’s that will help you design your own study?
  • Explain how you would go about investigating your research study (e.g., describe type of research method used, your sample, etc.).
  • Describe the ethical issues you will have to consider when designing your study.

Submit your response to the W1: Assignment 3 Dropbox by Wednesday, February 8, 2017. Your response should be at least 2 pages long, and include a cover page and reference list.

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