Humanities Short Eassy

Questions on religion
February 17, 2021
analysis summary
February 17, 2021

In your response, develop an essay of at least one page that answers the topic selected. Include specific textual examples where needed.  Specific quotations are not expected. You may discuss the examples in general terms, as your instructor is more interested in your personal commentary on what you have learned. This is about assessing your working knowledge and comprehension of the course material.

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Throughout history, art has often been used to enhance the power of a ruler.  How does ancient art illustrate this?  Cite examples from several civilizations and connect the theme to today’s world.  How are rulers’ images enhanced today?

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Drawing from the works of various cultures, discuss what has been deduced about ancient religions, particularly as seen in works of art.  Address particular theories about how ancient cultures worshipped and acknowledged a power greater than themselves?

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