Hydration and water toxicity

Wk 3 assignment
June 2, 2022
Long-term memory stored in the cortex
June 2, 2022

        Hydration and water toxicity

  • 1. Introduction

  • a. Definition and description

  • b. Etiology

  • c. Frequency of occurrence


  • Start with your textbook and then expand to professional journals. You must cite at least 10 research references from professional sports medicine related journals (see Appendix C p. 935 in your textbook for some ideas). Many articles are available through the databases at our library. Make an appointment with a librarian if you need help researching your case study topic.

All assignments should be typed, 12 pt, double spaced, Times New Roman font using APA or AMA referencing format . APA o r AMA format is required when citing date and sources of information within the context of your answer, paper or assignment. See

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