I need help with this. No more than 150 words for each question.

A summary of the eight steps in the ethical decision-making model proposed by Bush et al. (2006). A critical analysis of the ethical decision-making model (i.e., analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the model in ethical decision making).
December 7, 2022
Dual relationship to a layperson Only need 200 words with refrence
December 7, 2022
  1. In view of the fact that psychologists are human and therefore can have psychological disorders themselves, should those who have psychological disorders be allowed to practice as clinicians?  Why or why not?

    2. In what ways is talking with a trained therapist better than talking with a friend about one’s problems?

    3. As mentioned in our textbook on page 247, “The word psychotherapy means caring for   

       another person’s soul or being….” As such, it is important to take care to acquire the right

       psychotherapeutic relationship. How does one go about obtaining a good therapist, that is,

       who will “take care of one’s soul”?

    4. Is psychotherapy effective?  if so, for whom?

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