Interdisciplinary Paper 5-8 Pages

Does it matter?
December 7, 2022
What is the difference between stress and a stressor?
December 7, 2022

Write an interdisciplinary paper of their choosing on a topic that covers the two areas of their interdisciplinary studies degree. In my case Psychology & Political Science. The paper should attempt to synthesize an answer to a new question that is informed by disciplinary insights from two or more disciplines. It should be a thesis-driven paper or creative work of 5-8 pages.

Find two disciplinary insights, one from each of your two disciplinary minors. Then, try to think of a problem that integrating them could help solve. Don’t do any kind of internet search for your problem — just the disciplinary insights you’re working with. What you say about the problem will be totally new! Along the way, you might want to consider incorporating an insight from a third or fourth discipline to support your work. But make sure you use at least two!

In the end, the paper should describe the two disciplinary insights, critically evaluate them, and use the broad model (or one of the other integration strategies) to bring together a more comprehensive understanding of the topic. Ideally, this will mean incorporating theories, concepts, or assumptions shown in one insight to bear on another.

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