Key Assignment Draft, health and medicine homework help

Beatrice Vance Case, health & medical homework help
September 13, 2021
Nursing class assignment, health & medical homework help
September 13, 2021

Unit 4 Discussion Board

HSA 320-1703-A-02

Administration in Healthcare Services

The Decision-Making Process

Professor K. Darby

Myrna Wooten

August 1, 2017

  1. Introduction – As a healthcare manager, it is important to understand management functions. The following definitions will be explained, described and compared (supervisor, manager and director).
  2. Managerial Functions
  3. III.Healthcare Department Manager Tardiness Policy
    1. Corrective action plan
    2. Corrective action plan for employee
    3. Follow-up on corrective plan
  4. IV.Healthcare Management Communication Skills
    1. Explain the different types of communication and the barriers
    2. Describe how good communication builds trust in organizations
    3. Discuss electronic communication in organizations
  5. V.How change impacts employees
    1. Describe how change impacts employees motivation
    2. Discuss implementation and the benefits of the change
    3. Discuss training and how jobs will change
  6. VI.Organizational Goals
    1. Describe short term and long term goals of strategic management
    2. Strategic management and how it controls the future
  7. VII.Organizational Chart/Staffing
  8. VIII.Conclusion
  1. Planning
  2. Organizing
  3. Controlling
  4. Leading
  1. Executive Director
  2. Chief Operating Office – Medical Department
  3. Medical Director
  4. Nursing Supervisor
  5. Complete the following for your Key Assignment draft:
    • In preparation for your Key Assignment, you have discussed corrective action, resolved a management problem with employees showing resistance to change, and developed an organizational chart. Prepare a summary of these tasks.
    • Research and develop a mission and values statement for a facility.
    • Describe what types of health care this facility will provide.
      • Summarize their purpose and services provided, such as the type of health care, number of staff, type of staff, size, departments, and so forth.
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