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Decoding the Ethics Code, Ch. 5
June 7, 2022
Prepare a 1,050–1,750-word paper in which you analyze your current psychosocial stage of development
June 7, 2022

Week 3 – Discussion 1Britni Edwards5/18/2017 7:10:11 PM 

In what ways do you see yourself being particularly competent as a counselor? I see myself being particularly competent as counselor by relating to others. Relating to clients in both a positive and open manner encourages clients to disclose in a comfortable and confidential environment (Martin, 2013). By using personal experiences, counselors can demonstrate empathy, compassion, and understanding without becoming personally involved in the counseling process (2013). My friends and family often come to me for advice or just to vent because they describe my listening manner as attentive and empathetic. They have told me that they feel comfortable coming to me to disclose personal information because they feel safe and I can often relate to the experience which they are describing. If you feel that you are not currently competent, what different courses of action could you take? Self-awareness is something that grows over a period of time and with exploration (Martin, 2013). Techniques, to access information about oneself, can be learned, and personal experiences can affect personal thoughts and feelings (2013). If I feel that I am not competent, I can reflect upon my counseling experiences to become more self-aware of my issues. My growth and understanding can only be assessed through self-awareness. I need to be continually open to personal, and career, development so that I can fully understand my values and self. What do you believe are your existing blind spots? Explain how you might deal with these blind spots. An existing blind spot for me the personal quality of challenging skills. Challenging skills are something that a client will need to experience throughout counseling in order to make progress (Martin, 2013). As a counselor I would need to be able to identify contradictions the client makes during sessions as well as encourage positive thought (2013). I initially want to believe everything that someone tells me as the truth. I would need to deal with my blind spots by practicing taking notes during sessions in order to catch contradictions or the like. What multicultural and ethical aspects need to be considered in making decisions about competencies?Counselors must respect a client’s dignity and value their individual and personal concerns and difficulties regardless of their ethnicity or cultural background (Martin, 2013). Counselors need to be aware of a client’s background and culture before making suggestions and implementing interventions (2013). For example, someone whose culture is against rebelling against elders would not need advice about dealing directly with an unsupportive parent. Martin, A. (2013). Counselling and Self Awareness. The Counselors Guide. Doi:

RE: Week 3 – Discussion 1Gloria Armstrong5/22/2017 10:31:34 PM 

Britni,Although I can surely relate to others when it comes to matters in couselung even though hVe no official experience. Through self-awareness I can bring more attention to the areas where I lack in by utilizing my blind spots for the good. By doing this we could benefit for providing an healthy healthy therapeutic relationship between the client and counselor.

Week 3 – Discussion 1Nathan Achelpohl5/18/2017 8:55:46 PM 

Through all of my experiences and work skills that I have accumulated over the years, I feel that I would be a very organized and precise counselor.  I would focus on the little things with my counseling, not allowing them to explode and become bigger.  I feel fully competent in my listening skills, always listening rather than responding.  Which I feel is very important as a counselor.  A blind spot of mine would be sayings things in a way that only I understand.  I will have to work on expressing my thoughts in a way that my client can understand my point.  I believe that being fully transparent with my client is very important for their success.

I would deal with my blind spots in a slow and steady pace, understanding that my flaws won’t be fixed overnight.  Any way that I can improve my blind spots everyday will be a great opportunity for my skills to improve, allowing for my clients to have a better experience.  With multicultural and ethical aspects something that will need to be considered is their race and where they are from.  Understanding their background will only help take the necessary steps forward.  It is very important to be mindful of my clients and who they are so that I can develop a strong relationship with them.


McCarthy, C. J. & Archer, J., Jr. (2013). Theories of counseling and psychotherapy. San Diego: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. ISBN: 9781621781059

RE: Week 3 – Discussion 1Allison Cruz5/21/2017 12:24:49 PM 


Your post led me to want to know more about your strengths and weaknesses in the areas of counseling. I think your listening skills, organizational methods and your ability to calm your clients will serve you well in your future. Martin (2013) states that a counselor’s own personal development is a continual process and they must demonstrate an interest in self-awareness, self-counseling, work/life balance, goal setting, and other congruent areas of self exploration. Do you have particular strengths in any of these areas? Additionally, do you think this class could prove to be useful in dealing with any of the blind spots you mentioned in your post? 

I look forward to your response 

Allison C. 


Martin, A. (2013). Counseling and Self Awareness. The Counselors Guide. Doi:

(an instructor response)

RE: Week 3 – Discussion 1Instructor Shoemaker5/22/2017 5:22:15 PM 

HI Nathan, Thank you for your post. What do you think is most important to keep in mind from the Code of Ethics when considering multicultural competence? American Counseling Association Code of Ethics Shoemaker

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