knowledge and attitudes of patients living with COPD

Emergency Care Nurses Certification, Empowerment, and Work-Related Variables
July 17, 2021
Research Topics in Health Administration Comparing Study Designs
July 17, 2021


You will be asked to undertake a presentation around a specific health topic and to demonstrate a degree  level academic skills of understanding, critical analysis and evaluation.

A range of different forms of evidence should be used in qualitative research studies, audits and evaluation
studies. The presentation needs to emphasise the strengths, weaknesses and relative authority of each form
of evidence.
This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your academic ability to your peer group and you should take
pride in doing this.
You will be asked to present your work using power point presentation.
Aims of this assignment:

To critically analyse the clarity of the aims / objectives / ?research? question / hypothesis of research,
audit and evaluation studies
To debate the strengths and weaknesses of the sampling procedures used in research studies
To critically explore the data collection methods used in research, audit and evaluation studies
Evaluate the data analysis and data presentation methods used in research, audit and evaluation studies
Analyse the ethical issues in the planning and conduct of research studies
Evaluate the strategies used to protect the research subjects rights

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