Lab 3 Discussion Post 300 word min all questions answered (below)

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January 8, 2022
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January 8, 2022

You will need to do the Module 3 reading and complete Lab 3 before you participate in this discussion board.

  • Imagine that you are a researcher studying a population of birds that spends the Spring and Summer at the white “X” shown on the globe in the Seasons Interactive.
  • You have studied these birds for some time and know that they fly to the white “X” in early Spring to start mating and nesting.
  • The chicks hatch in mid to late Spring and their parents feed them until well after they fledge (grow flight feathers) and learn to fly in late Spring to Early Summer. Because of the nice weather at this time of year, there are tons of insects around to feed the growing chicks. By late Summer, all the chicks are experienced fliers and feeding themselves.
  • In early Autumn, all the birds migrate to spend the Winter in a warmer climate.
  • For reasons unknown, the tilt of the earth starts to shift to the inclination that you picked in step 3 of Lab 3. DunDunDun! (Queue dramatic music)
  • It will take 10 years for the tilt of the earth to shift all the way to the inclination that you picked.
  • For your initial discussion board post,
    • State what your chosen inclination is,
    • Briefly describe what you think will happen to the population of birds (and their migration and breeding habits) during the first five years of the tilt shift
    • Give us a status update on what has happened to them after 10 years.
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