last week i went to exhibit looking at Appalachia, English homework help

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February 21, 2021
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February 21, 2021


last week i went to exhibit looking at Appalachia. then my doctor required me to do this assignment. also i want to attach to some pictures for that exhibite

Step 1: Visit the exhibit “Looking at Appalachia”

Step 2: Write a journal about your experience

Your journal should be a reaction to the exhibit such as: Did you like it? What was your favorite aspect of the exhibit? Was anything surprising to you? Are there any parts of your home country that are similar? What questions would you ask the artist(s) and why? If you speak to other students or faculty members about the exhibit, you can also use that in your journal.

You MUST include a definition of “Appalachia.” Be sure to cite your sources if you use them.

Typical journal rules apply: 12 point, Times New Roman Font, Double Spaced, 1” margins. Your journal should be no less than 1 full page.

Special note: This cannot be used as your 1 RMU event for the discussion assignment.

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