Lean Body Hacks Review

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July 6, 2020
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July 6, 2020

The fact is lean muscle is not only important for strength but is also very important for maintaining your normal metabolism – and this allows you to burn off more calories. So if you think about it like this – if half the weight you lose is lean muscle it is going to be very hard for you to get rid of any future fat gains because you now have less of it – your metabolism will not stay normal if this occurs.

This is why so many people go on the ‘weight loss merry go round’ or are considered ‘yo-yo dieters’ – because they lose weight only to have it all put back on again. The number 1 golden rule for permanent fat loss is to be able to keep your lean muscle mass while dieting so you metabolism can stay normal which in turn will make you body burn more kilojoules. If you body is in a good metabolic state you will not be susceptible for future weight gain.

There are very few of us, men or women, who are entirely satisfied with our bodies – even top models, performing artists and movie stars believe that they have imperfections and wish that they could lose additional weight from their butts or tummies or thighs – so what chance have the rest of us got? Increasingly, we are subjected to pictures of airbrushed perfection on TV, the Internet, in Magazines and on Billboards, so it’s no surprise that practically everyone has a complex about their own body shape and there are very few of us who don’t secretly wish that we could shed a few pounds.


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