lesson Plan

Endocrine system: Diseases and Age-Related Changes
October 21, 2021
2. Find a clinical practice guideline from the National Guideline Clearinghouse archives or any other site that produces guidelines such as the American College of Cardiology CHF guidelines,&nbsp
October 21, 2021


Assignment on lesson plan

Please, who ever I choose to assist with this assignment, please follow the instructions to the letter and look at the samples that I attached and do it same as the samples on the topic I provided on the “ASSIGNMENT LESSON PLAN FORMAT” under content outline information and skills to be taught

I. Fact and knowledge base

II. Skills base

The Healthy People 2020 you can choose a marching objective to the topic I have provided from their website and National Health Education Standard you can marching objective from CDC website and one, please and please, rubric and every instruction that guides this assignment is attached. This assignment is 5 page because the second page will extend to second page plus the question to answer will be the fifth page that will add. Please, do answer the questions. 

NOTE: Please, read through the instructions, view the examples attached and assignment paper itself I attached. Because, you’re doing the assignment inside assignment sheet I attached before, send me offer.

Thank you for understanding.

Kind regards,

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