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Review the case scenario you worked on in M1 Assignment 3. Tasks: You can expect Bob to be uncooperative. Taking this into consideration, prepare a 6- to 8-page report that addresses the following questions: How will you plan to listen and lead during
June 3, 2022
Conceptual Processing Poster
June 3, 2022

For this discussion, review the media piece Football Player Intervention With Dr. Judy Van Raalte and respond to the following:

  • Discuss Dr. Van Raalte’s brief intervention with a football athlete. Did you find her approach helpful?
  • How did Dr. Van Raalte address the athlete’s leadership qualities to help improve his performance and interaction with his teammates?
  • What other areas of sport psychology did you notice that Dr. Van Raalte addressed?
  • In comparing all four sport psychology consultants’ brief interventions (Dr. Kenneth Ravizza, Dr. Len Zaichkowsky, Dr. Burt Giges, and Dr. Judy Van Raalte), which style did you prefer the most? Explain your answer.
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