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Powerpoint on Parkinsons disease and corpus collostonomy NEED DETAILED SPEAKER NOTES
December 5, 2022
“Accidents” that are good
December 5, 2022

Article is provided and follow all instructions.  Correct grammar please.  Rbric is attached.   Let the question be the subtitle and answer underneath it.

Question & Research Article. To help facilitate learning and class discussion, students are required to complete the question below.   Then, you are required to locate a current (2014-2016) research article that relates to the question. You must choose a study, not review articles or meta- analyses. Type a 1-2 page summary of the research article and submit the first page of the articlealong with the typed answer (and question) for grading. The summary should include the following information

1. APA Citation information: Author(s), year, title, name of journal, volume, pages. For Example:

Weyandt, L., Iwaszuk, W., Fulton, K., Ollerton, M., Beatty, N., Fouts, H., Schepman, S.,     & Greenlaw, C. (2003).The Internal Restlessness Scale: Performance of College Students with and without ADHD. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 36, 382-389.

Wilens, T.E., Spencer, T.J., & Biederman, J. (1998). Pharmacotherapy of adult ADHD. In, Barkley, R.A., Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A handbook for diagnosis and treatment, 2nd Ed. NY: Guilford

2. Purpose or hypothesis of the study

3. Method & Subjects – how did they address the research question? Test the hypotheses? Who were the subjects? How many? Gender? Ethnicity?

4. Results – what were the dependent variables and what were the findings? What type of statistics were used to analyze the findings?

5. Discussion & Conclusion – what are the implications of the findings?

6. How does this study address the discussion question? Explain

Grading for the Question and Article Summary: (15 Possible Points)

 1. APA Citation information provided (Author(s), year, title, name of journal, volume, pages). (1 point)

2. Purposes or hypothesis of the study explained (2 points)

3. Method & Subjects -how did they address the research question? Test the hypotheses? Who were the subjects? How many? Gender? Ethnicity? Age? (2.5 points)

 4. Results – what were dependent variables? Analyses? Findings? (2.5 points)

 5. Discussion & Conclusion. Implications of the findings expressed (2 points)

6. Explained how the study addressed the discussion question (5 points)

7. Attached the first page of the article. Required. If not provided, student will receive a zero.

Question– a) What is “plasticity” and what are the direct implications, if any to education (Kindergarten-Higher Education). What is your opinion about using neuroscience information for educational planning?

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