LSS in Healthcare

Annonated Bibliography Impact of parental mental illness on children
July 15, 2021
HEALTH BELIEF MODEL Describe the constructs of the Health Belief Model applied to your chosen behavior.
July 15, 2021

LSS in Healthcare

1. Briefly explain what an Affinity Diagram is used for? Give at least two examples.

2. What are the differences between special and common cause variation and what tool is used to help identify incidences of both?

3. What are some advantages to using CTQ trees?

4. Which Six Sigma tool is used to determine process stability and predictability?

5. What are some advantages and disadvantages for conducting a stakeholder analysis?

6. How could you effectively use a “payoff matrix?” Explain briefly.

7. Describe what tools can be used to run effective team meetings? How can they help?

8. How does Lean “Standardization” differ from traditional Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)?

9. Briefly explain the three core principles of Lean.

10. What are some examples of the effective application of standardization in healthcare?

11. How can standardization be applied to not turn staff into robots?

12. How can leaders reduce staff resistance to standardization?

13. What is a realistic application of Takt in healthcare other than drawing lab specimens?

14. How can you standardize training programs?

15. Why are visual management and controls effective?

Extra Credit:
16. What is the most important part of 5S and why? State your case.

17. Do you think that 5S should be modified to 6S by including “safety?” Why not?

18. How could Kanban be used to prevent supply “hoarding in hospitals

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