make me a presentation for my leading health class

Bio 102 Final Paper
October 11, 2021
Unit 1- Global Health Concepts – Assignment – Case Study
October 11, 2021


I need you to do my presentation for my “Leading Healthcare Professionals”

I will upload all documents that you need to go throw.

First of all, it is a case & need you to explain it. I will upload an example presentation that is already have been done so you can read it so u get the idea about how to do my presentation, it is the one that named ” Rose Thao Leadership Case E5 Presentation.pptx

Also, doing powerpoint is required. the slides at least 13 and no more than 15.

I will upload two pages you have to go throw it before you start doing the powerpoint.

Keep in mind that you have to go through each PowerPoint that we go through before my presentation period, which I will be posting them to you.

*** Ask me if u have any questions regards the presentation and the PowerPoint for the presentation, so I can ask the professor

I will post as well a screenshot for the professor’s deep explaining for how doing the powerpoint & presentation.

last thing is make sure to provide Dr . Stephens’ Real-Experience in the presentation.

please be on time and in order to the rules.

thank u

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