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June 9, 2022
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June 9, 2022

Respond in 1000 words with three or more scholarly references. Use citations, cite your references. Cite every sentence with content from your sources. There are a few ways to do that including just putting the citation at the end of each sentence. 

A therapist that has just graduated recently has been requested by her supervisor to “cover/fill in” for another therapist to conduct a group addiction meeting.  By coducting this group she will be practicing outside the scope of her skillful competence. Her dilemma is that she understands she is not educated, or certified to work in addiction but as a newly hired therapist she does not want to refuse the favor asked of her by her supervisor. 

So, does the therapist agree to take the group in order to satisfy a supervisor? or decide to tell her supervisor she cannot fill in as she would be in violation of code 2.01a.?  

1. Describe selected dilemma & conclusion 

2. Method 1: after review of code, law, seeking supervision therapist decides to conduct the group.

3. Method 2: after review of code, law, seeking supervision therapist decides not to conduct the group.

4. Provide an argument for why Method 1 should be used.

5. Provide and argument why Method 2 should be used.

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