Medication Rights & Ethical and Legal Aspect in Nursing Practice Questions

Impact of Nurses Led Telephone Intervention Program on Quality of Life in Patients with Heart Failure Paper
January 7, 2022
Role of Medicinal Plants in the Treatment of Diabetes Article Analysis
January 7, 2022

Please answer ONE of the following Discussion Questions. Please be certain to include the number of the DQ being answered and provide a well-developed and complete answer to receive credit. Also, please ensure to have read the assigned chapters for the current week.

DQ-1 In regards to patient teaching and education, what are some ways in which a nurse can minimize the risk of liability? Provide an example.

DQ-2 What are the medication rights?

In what circumstances, can a nurse NOT follow the physicians written order?

How can a nurse become negligent with medication administration?

DQ-3 Why is there special importance given to HIV and confidentiality? Please explain.

Can a minor receive HIV treatment without the authorization of a parent or guardian? Explain your answer either way.

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