Mental Illness Presbycusis and Macular Degeneration Discussion

Develop Data Models
November 9, 2021
NUR3846 University of Nairobi Community Resources Paper
November 9, 2021

1. As we age, most of us will experience changes in our hearing and vision. Discuss the signs and symptoms, diagnostic test, and treatment options for the following: Presbycusis and Macular degeneration.

2. Can mental illnesses be prevented, cured, or are people born with the illness, explain? What are some of the early warning signs of mental illness? Do you feel there is a social stigma around some or all mental illnesses, explain?

Assignment Guidelines:

• This assignment must be in APA format: Times Roman 12 font, double spaced, and include title and reference page.

• Use a Level 1 heading to separate your sections (Page 62 of the APA Publication Manual).

• Essays: (at least 300 words per prompt)

• Textbook and outside sources need to be referenced and cited in the paper (references need to be peer reviewed and within the last 5 years).

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