Miami Dade College Drug and Alcohol Annotated Bibliography

HLT362 Grand Canyon Giving up Alcohol for Just 1 Month Has Lasting Benefits Analysis
November 10, 2021
The Essential Elements of An Informed Consent Form Research Paper
November 10, 2021

Using the online library, locate a full-length article from any peer reviewed journal, on a oral health, oral systemic connection TOPIC or ISSUE of your choice. The article must have been published within the past eight years.

Write a single annotated bibliography of 150 words or less in APA style. Use this BASDH APA Style Guide for the citation portion of the annotated bibliography.

Post your annotated bibliography to this Discussion. In the subject line of your post, type the TOPIC or ISSUEof your journal article. This will facilitate seeing at a glance the various topics that are available for further research. Once an article has been posted by a classmate, you must not duplicate it – select another one.

The bibliographic content will be 150 words or less, and will include a 4-6 sentence summary/critique of each of your sources. Include at least one sentence with information regarding the author(s) of the article or professional organization that provided the source (see the first sentence in the example above).


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