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public health and health care service in Al- Noor hospital
July 17, 2021
Nursing case study
July 17, 2021

I need 2 pages elaborating a scientific question (qualitative and quantitative methods). The context is using mobile health applications in clinics and small hospitals.

The problem: due to the advances in ICT and the Internet educated patients have instant access to medical information and treatment methods (reference needed). This enables them to better evaluate whether or not they have received appropriate treatment and medicine during their stay in clinics (reference needed), or have been adequately informed by the health professionals (e.g. necessity of procedures/medicine), whether or not the time to get first treatment (or treatment duration, waiting time, etc.) were according to health standard requirements, laws, and practices in their region. This information is crucial for patient satisfaction, (reference needed) which plays in increased role in todays health sector (reference needed) that is experiencing privatization and strong competition among health institutions (reference needed).

On the other hand, less educated people have a reduced access to the Internet and information networks, thus cannot judge the medication, treatment, and health related services they receive (reference needed). Mobile health system could play a crucial role here to close this “digital divide”. Although, such mobile health systems could improve patient satisfaction (reference needed) and provide health professionals valuable feedback, it is likely that physicians resist accepting such systems (reference needed). Is this true? What are the reasons?

So the research problems should be formulated around the above mentioned two questions and the following other questions. It should be backed by citation to existing literature!
Some other questions in the above mentioned problem context:
– What are factors affecting patient satisfaction?
– What is the impact of education level on the gain mobile health systems can provide to patients? Less educated people suppose to have more benefit because complex information collected from various sources can made easy to access and understand on their personal mobile phones, while educated patients have better capabilities to do this on their own without the help of mobile health systems.
– How do health professionals react to such systems, if deployed? What are adoption barriers?
– How could such mobile information systems change the health processes in hospitals (focus on small hospitals and clinics)? How would they affect patient-doctor relationships? Does hospital type (psychiatry, general hospital, dental clinics, ) make a difference?
– Where is the trade-off how much involvement/intervention patients should have in their own treatment processes?

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