Motivating workers

Origins of Psychology and Research Methods Worksheet
April 5, 2021
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April 5, 2021


A core question for organizations that have a handful of employees or thousands of employees has always been, “How do you motivate workers?”  In considering this question and contemplating what you would do if you had to address this problem as a manager, view Dan Pink’s TedTalk regarding “The Puzzle of Motivation.”

Based on the ideas presented in the video, please answer the following questions. Which ideas shared in the video did you find surprising? Would the concepts of autonomy, mastery, and purpose be difficult to apply to all types of jobs?  Why or why not? Choose a job that you are familiar with and describe how you might apply some of the ideas presented in the video to motivate workers.  Please be specific. Guidelines 

In a minimum of 250 words, please consider and answer the above three questions.

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