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Maladaptive Behavior & Psychopathology
January 10, 2021
What does low protein in blood mean?
January 10, 2021


I am need of a detailed essay on Social Anxiety Disorder and this is due on Jan 22 at 9:00 am. I apologize for the limited time but I hoping someone experienced in this can help. This essay needs to be 6 pages long. Below are the essay requirements.

  1. Review the research literature on family factors (genetics, environment, behaviors) and cultural factors (race/ethnicity, income/social class, region of the country) that might be related to the etiology (origin), course of illness, and treatment of the illness. Consider both positive and negative views of the family’s role in mental illness generally and your selected disorder specifically. Cite the appropriate literature giving greatest weight to literature after 1990. 
  2. Using both popular and research literature, develop a description of how one or more family members might feel about their relative’s behavior and symptoms. What do they know about the illness? How do they react to the symptoms? How do they try to help? How do they make things worse, etc.? Cite the appropriate literature. 
  3. Using the information from the popular and research literature, develop a treatment plan that incorporates both medication (if warranted) and a family therapy based treatment. 
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