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Unit 2 DBP: Social Perspectives on Death and Dying.
June 6, 2022
NSG6420 Week 7 Quiz Latest 2017 (A++++ Answer)
June 6, 2022

100 word discussion post for each topic:

Topic 1: Criminal Act

The police videotaped an apparent drug deal, wherein Beth sold a bag of apparent marijuana to Miriam. Both women were arrested and charged with drug offenses. The laboratory analysis of the apparent marijuana revealed that it was actually some dried leafy material mixed with other legal materials. The defense attorneys for both defendants have argued that no crime was committed and the charges should be dropped. As the prosecutor, would you drop the charges? Be sure to address the charges for both actors here and please explain your answer.

Topic 2: Inchoate Offenses

Discuss the primary differences between the inchoate offenses of conspiracy, attempt, and solicitation. Discuss the differences in both actus reus and mens rea. In your opinion, should the classification for any of these offenses be higher, or lower, than the others. Explain.

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