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January 14, 2021
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper examining human services interactions in terms of macro systems—communities and organizations.
January 14, 2021

Using the social issue you selected in Milestone One in Module Two, you will further examine the issue using the sociological concepts of cultural beliefs and biases, social roles, social inequalities, and the existing social conditions. These concepts will serve as categories through which you examine the issue, as you will identify how each is related to the larger issue. Using a concept-mapping tool of your choosing, begin to fill out your concept map around your chosen issue. You may use a presentation program such as PowerPoint to create this concept map, or you can use one of the websites below: 

  MindMeister  Mindomo 

Create your map by starting with your social issue in the center. From there, add the following in your map: 

A. Identify in the map at least two examples of the cultural beliefs and biases related to the social issue. Some examples of cultural beliefs and biases include the economic system (such as capitalism), social theory (such as individualism), and religious beliefs. Be sure to label this within your map.  B. Identify in the map at least two examples of the social roles played by the main individuals or groups in the social issue. For example, an individual may be a parent, a teacher, a provider, a criminal, a victim, or a dependent. Be sure to label this within your map. Identify in the map at least two examples of the social inequalities related to this social issue. Some examples of social inequalities include race, social class, and English language ability. Include a label for this element of the concept map.  C. Identify in the map at least two examples of the existing social conditions that the social issue is challenging or impacting. Some examples include the media, crime rates, and unemployment. For instance, you may find that crime and violence are largely related to the war on drugs.

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