Nursing Letter to Newspaper

research the relationship between a diagnosis of schizophrenia and violent crime how common is it given the prevalence of the disorder and the numbers of violent crimes committed?
July 17, 2021
Identify at least 2 ways the law has been used to respond to health-harming social needs in health communities. Do you feel the response was effective?
July 17, 2021

Nursing Letter to Newspaper

Project description
Imagine your local newspaper printed a story regarding the lack of adult education and training opportunities in your area. Readers are encouraged to write in to the paper to express their support for more opportunities.

Write a 750- to 12,050-word letter describing the need for effective adult education. Make sure to aIDress
•who the adult learner is
•history of adult education
•changing demographics
•government push to educate adults
•principles of adult education
Include at least three sources in your letter.

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