One page summary each for two pharmaceutical inserts following the instructions below.

Case Analysis
October 11, 2021
​Discussion Topic 1: I Foresee Great Things for You
October 11, 2021

review the two posted pharmaceutical inserts for two medicines. The first is an asthma broncodilator and the second a common antibiotic. In a maximum of one page each (maximum of 2 pages total; you may use single or double spacing) please do the following:

1) Summarize the insert briefly.

2) List the effective dose (ED) or range of ED values for the pharmaceutical.

3) Summarize variation in the ED depending on patient or condition specific circumstances (e.g. is the ED for the antibiotic the same regardless of the bacteria causing the illness or where the infection exists?).

4) If applicable, list how long it takes to reach the maximum therapeutic dose and when it is expected that symptoms begin to improve.

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