Patient Education Plan for Periodontal Disease

Select a healthcare-related policy — either one in existence or (more difficult) one you would propose — and in a 3 – 5-page paper explain its purpose and impact.
July 17, 2021
predictors of adolescent drug and alcohol use
July 17, 2021

Patient Education Plan for Periodontal Disease


Paper instructions:
Develop a patient education plan for a patient in the dental clinic who has advanced periodontal disease. Please include the following…
1.Explain what periodontal disease is, include the fact that it is an infection that attacks the bones and gums that support the teeth, and how the infection progresses.
2. Stress the causes of periodontal disease, i.e. bacteria in your mouth, condition of your teeth, oral hygiene, nutrition, general health and emotional stress.
3. Explain the treatment options that you gave the patients. Emphasize that there needs to be a partnership between the patient and the dental professional.


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