2013S_PSY300_VE_Abnormal Psychology week 12 quiz
December 7, 2022
PowerPoint Presentation of Gender Identity with speaker notes
December 7, 2022
  1. What is your considered view about the core problem in the debate about free will and determinism? Defend one or another position in the debate. Take care with how you structure your answer. There are various ways to defend a position. One is to offer positive arguments for that position. Another is to offer criticisms of alternative views. Yet another is to deflect obvious objections facing the view that you favor. Think about what you need to do to offer the best possible defense of your view. Both the position you are defending and how you are going about doing so (the argumentative structure of your defense) should be very clear to the reader. You do not need to spend a lot of time introducing the basic topic and debate, but you should say enough to make sense of your position, and depending on how you are defending your view you may need to say more or less about various underlying issues and/or competing views. 

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