Physical Assessment DQ 12 student reply Veronica Reverol

September 11, 2020
Response dq
September 11, 2020

The Following is the answer to question # 4 of another student to wish i have to reply. The professor wants the reply adding other information about but not the same of the student post. 


4- Differentiate between the human and the scientific understanding of the illness. 

 4. The human understanding of illness can be naturalistic in which the cause of illness is from a holistic perspective, controlled by forces of nature. Another approach to the understanding of illness is the magicoreligious approach, which believes that everything comes from a supernatural source. Scientific approach focus on illness causation and assessing body functions more or less mechanically. (Jarvis, 2012) 


Ball, J. W., Dains, J. E., Flynn, J. A., Solomon, B. S., & Stewart, R. W. (2015). Seidels guide to physical examination. St. Louis, MI: Elsevier Mosby.

Jarvis, C., Thomas, P., & Strandberg, K. (2012). Physical examination & health assessment. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders.

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