Plato part 3 on Euthyphro

Complete English Composition Discussion Post
February 17, 2021
help with seminar option
February 17, 2021

  1. Hi, I need help answering and understanding this Plato reading  

    What is the first definition of holiness offered in this selection (by Euthyphro to Socrates)? Why might this definition of holiness be problematic for polytheists

    4  What is the second definition of holiness offered in this selection (by Socrates to Euthyphro)? What is Socrates’ follow-up question? 

  2. 5.  Create your own translation of the highlighted paragraph at the bottom of the page marked 17 (the fifth page of our selection). In other words, rephrase and explain the argument of the paragraph in a way that a preteen or young teenager could understand. 

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