please apa provide 2references each citations and at least 500 words each

NUR412 Utica College Trends Affecting Healthcare Delivery Today Research
November 10, 2021
Transcultural and Wellness #nursing #healthandewellness #medical
November 10, 2021

1)What are the benefits of doing a pilot program before a full scale rollout of a new analytical methodology? Discuss this in the context of the mini case study.

Please NOTE:

Ph.D. quality submissions

Your ideas & your own words

Provide all the citations

2)The primary goal of the vulnerability assessment and remediation is to identify specific, documented vulnerabilities and remediate them in a timely fashion. Discuss in a physical security perspective how to accomplish this goal, including using documented vulnerability assessment procedure to collect intelligence about the environment and other involved vectors.

You are required to respond to two other posts from your classmates; ensure you provide academically sources for at least three references to justify your post

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