Program Evaluation Part 3

UNIT 2 DBP HN300 Human Services & Social Policy
June 8, 2022
Psychology of Abnormal Behavior Discussion question(6)
June 8, 2022

·         Program Evaluation Plan Part 3: Communicating Results


For the course project, you have been assuming the role of a consultant who has been hired to develop a plan for an evaluation of a clinical mental health counseling program. Remember, you are creating a fictitious but plausible program with hypothetical stakeholders, clients, interventions, and measures. The purpose of the proposed evaluation is to guide program improvements and document progress toward the program’s mission and goals.

Your assignment in Unit 4 was to create an introduction, a description of the program to be evaluated, and the results of your hypothetical needs assessment.

Your assignment In Unit 8 was to establish your research base for the program evaluation by reviewing published evaluations and relevant research, and then to decide on a model of evaluation you plan to use in your program evaluation. The assignment also included a discussion of ethical standards and culturally sensitive strategies.

For this final assignment, complete your evaluation plan with recommendations for how the program could be improved and research in counseling could be advanced in the future. You should synthesize your recommendations and requirements for the program evaluation you are proposing and describe how you will present and disseminate the findings of your evaluation.


To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you must include the following sections for Part 3:

    • Title Page.

    • Communicating Results to Counselors and Colleagues (approximately one page).

    • Communicating Results to Stakeholders (approximately one page).

    • Ethical and Cultural Considerations When Communicating Results (approximately one page).

    • Using Results to Improve the Program (approximately one page).

    • Using Results to Advance the Counseling Field (approximately one page).

    • References.

      Additionally, your paper must:

    • Be a total of 5–7 pages of text (excluding the title page and the references page).

    • Include scholarly references to support your ideas about research on the kind of program you are evaluating (population, clinical focus, counseling approach), and program evaluation procedures (program evaluation model, needs assessment, ethical and cultural considerations).

    • Be free from errors that detract from the message.

    • Be written in third person.

    • Use current APA style and formatting throughout.

    • Be in Times New Roman, 12-point font.

      Make sure to use the template (link in Resources) for this assignment.

      Please make sure that you follow the page requirements for each section and use the grading rubric.

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