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December 8, 2022
Assignment 1: Discussion Question: Behavior Therapy and Cognitive behavior Therapy
December 8, 2022

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Proposal Worksheet. 

Each member of the team chooses an article from a journal in the university library (see below) and answers the 4 questions in the Proposal Worksheet document. Then everyone in the team reviews the other members’ submissions of answers 1-4 for each of their articles. After reviewing each team member’s submission, answer the following two questions as a team:

1. What is your research question?

2. What is your hypothesis?

Now here’s a final note for everyone to keep in mind: decide on a topic that the team wants to find these research study articles on because the team will choose one of the subjects that you will have presented in the Week 2 proposal worksheet to focus on for the Methods Paper due Week 3. Using one of the research questions and hypothesis you all agreed on in Week 2 for this subject, the team will create your own imaginary study around the subject, and then write the paper during Week 3. 

The team will then submit a paper that includes each team member’s article review (the four questions answered wiht the article citation)  and the team answers to the two questions. 

NOTE: The articles you choose must be articles in journals in the University’s library. Those are the only articles that qualify for this assignment.

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