PSYC 302 Answer The Video Question 5-1 to 5-11(2page For all Videos)

Hello world!
June 17, 2019

 This week you have one voicethread on teams and one video example of team behavior from Cold stone.  Please watch both videos and answer the questions in the voicethread.

Cold Stone video

Here is an additional team work video link


Stop the video questions – Throughout the video I will insert “stop the video” slides.  I will present a question for you to answer.  These are discussion questions, not test questions.  They are the type of questions you might receive in a traditional in-class setting, designed to spark discussion on the topic.  These answers do not have to be researched or fully developed; they are your reactions to the topic of the video.  I suggest opening your word processor and typing the answer to each question.  Please label each question with the question number presented on the slide (example question 1-3).  

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