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October 11, 2021
The presentation must have speaker notes per slide
October 16, 2021

The purpose of this assignment is to further your understanding of a variety of job analysis approaches and considerations, while allowing you to practice your research skills and your professional persuasive communication ability.

Click here to view the job description of a project manager.

Using Cheryl’s job at CarbonCorp as an example (see the job description above), initially propose and then defend the merit of the techniques and approaches that support your approach.

In this assignment, you will assume the position of an industrial organization (I/O) professional submitting a proposal to CarbonCorp, which is soliciting bids for a job analysis of the project manager position. You do not need to create a full proposal. Your response should focus only on the part of the proposal that discusses the specific job analysis approach you endorse.

You will propose and defend the use of the job analysis technique(s) that you believe is most appropriate for this job analysis project. Ensure you support your position with relevant research. Focus on persuading CarbonCorp that your suggested approach is the best one for this particular job.

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