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June 1, 2022
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June 1, 2022

Assignment Instructions

Theory Compare / Contrast Paper

For this assignment, you will write a paper no less than 7 pages in length, not including required cover , abstract, annotated bibliography and Reference pages, comparing and contrasting two personality theories from the course. Ex, Alfred Adler and Karen Horney’s Theory. 

You are free to select from among the several theories covered in the course to date but only two theories may be used.

Your task is to demonstrate your knowledge of these theories you chose via descriptions of their key concepts and detailing the most important aspects of each theory in explaining personality. It is recommended that you revisit the material covered to date to refresh your knowledge of theory details. This is a comprehensive assignment and you should demonstrate in your work that you have studied and comprehended the similarities and the differences between your two chosen theories.  This is a fact based paper only.  It should not be based upon your preference for a theory or your opinion.

Your submission should be double-spaced with 1 inch margins on all sides of each page and should be free of spelling and grammar errors. It must include source crediting of any materials used in APA format, including source citations in the body of your paper and in a Reference list attached to the end. Easy to follow guides to APA formatting can be found on the tutorial section of the APUS Online Library and on the following website.  Upon submission your paper will automatically be submitted to Turnitin.

The grading rubric below details specific grading criteria.

PSYC221 Theory Compare / Contrast Paper



Clear introduction which summarizes the major points to be covered in the paper and two chosen personality theories. Topic sentence is well developed.

/ 5

Depiction of Personality Theories

Review of the chosen personality theories is clear, accurate, and summarizes the concepts that are central to the theoretical framework. Reflects a good understanding of each theory, including key terms and practical applications.  Sources are credited and cited appropriately.   

/ 20

Comparison and Contrasting of Personality Theories

Demonstrates the ability to outline similarities in concepts and use between the two chosen personality theories. In addition, demonstrates a clear ability to define meaningful differences, both major and subtle, between the chosen theories. Sources are credited and cited appropriately.   

/ 40

Strength of Conclusions

Conclusions draw from this analysis of the two theories is clear, thoughtful, and reflects an astute understand of the theoretical framework chosen.  Sources are credited and cited appropriately.   

 / 15

Paper Format and Mechanics

Paper is well organized, easy to follow, and followed formatting guidelines. Paper is the required length, is double-spaced with 1-inch top, bottom, left and right margins, and in Calibri or Times New Roman styles, size 12 font. Cover page, paper body, citations and References are in the correct APA format.

/ 15

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

There are few to no spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.

/ 5

Total:   / 100

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