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June 3, 2022
M1A3 Final Project Annotated Bibliography
June 3, 2022

Psychology Paper on the psychological affects of Fibroids and The Reproductive Difficulties In African American Women

 Use these REFERENCES:Stewart, E. A., Nicholson, W. K., Bradley, L., & Borah, B. J. (2013). The burden of uterine fibroids for African-American women: results of a national survey. Journal of Women’s Health, 22(10), 807-816.Wise, L. A., Palmer, J. R., Harlow, B. L., Spiegelman, D., Stewart, E. A., Adams-Campbell, L. L., & Rosenberg, L. (2004). Reproductive factors, hormonal contraception, and risk of uterine leiomyomata in African-American women: a prospective study. American journal of epidemiology, 159(2), 113-123.Eltoukhi, H. M., Modi, M. N., Weston, M., Armstrong, A. Y., & Stewart, E. A. (2014). The health disparities of uterine fibroid tumors for African American women: a public health issue. American journal of obstetrics and gynecology, 210(3), 194-199.

  • Term paper due by Sunday at 1 p.m. ET
  • Term paper must be 2,000 words in length
  • You must use APA format 
  • Use An EasyGuide to APA Style for help with formatting and citations
  • Paper must include the following sections
    • Title page
    • Abstract
    • Body of paper
    • References
  • Submit your paper to using the Submit Assignment button below


Three common types of plagiarism you need to be aware of as a student:

  • Recycling a paper; “double-dipping”; self-plagiarism: Reusing a paper you have written for a previous course
  • Copying directly from a source without proper quotations or paraphrasing: When you try to pass something off as your own work
  • Not using proper citations
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