Psychology question 4

Stress and Depression:  Should the stress axis or the circadian circuit be a pharmacological target for depression?
June 8, 2022
Discussion Questions Social Influence and others
June 8, 2022

4.Please answer all question pertaining to psychology. Each answer must have at least 100 words or more. Provide references. APA format.

PLEASE SEE  Attachment for PROVIDED notes to questions

 1.Is Personality assessment more complicated than it appearing? Why or why not.

2.What is the purpose of Psychometric testing and why is it used?

3.What are some advantages and disadvantages of psychometric testing for employers and applicants?

5.What is the use and importance of descriptive statistics?

6.The difference between descriptive and inferential statistic

7.Descriptive research and the difference between it and causal comparative or experimental research.

8.What’s the big deal about these 10 commandments of data collection? Identify any three and detail about the consequences of not following them

9.Advantages and Disadvantages of Correlational Methods DiscussionTest Yourself Correlations can be negative or positive, but give an example of how negative does not carry a pejorative meaning and positive outcomes are not always good. Correlations Discussion What might be some conflicts that can arise with those ethical principles and the use of the various survey methods we discussed earlier?

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