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Legal and Ethical Issues In Nursing
October 11, 2021
Discussion: Young Adulthood to Later Adulthood Scenarios
October 11, 2021

Choose any 3 to answer. Each question is worth 10 points. Your response should be well written and content-rich, because you can take the time to research information and write a good answer. Please don’t type the question out on your submission, or it will result in an un-necessarily high plagiarism score. Just mark the letter of the question before each answer.

A. Describe in general the most common reasons why a waterfall might form along the path of stream. Then describe the geologic reasons why Niagara Falls is steadily moving towards Canada.

B. In a karst environment, what are some of the ways pollution from the surface gets into a groundwater system? How does the underlying rock type impact the spread or cleaning of contaminated water once it is moving through the sub-surface?

C. Imagine you could drive a car along the bottom of the seafloor and are travelling from the Port of Orlando out to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge for some sightseeing. How does the terrain and depth of the sea change along your route? (p.s. I don’t care about you stating exact depths; you can use general descriptions like deep, shallow, etc.).

D. Why is the Atacama Desert the driest place on Earth, even though it is right next to the ocean?

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