Questions on religion

Considering your dissertation research interests (and perhaps using the same IVs
February 17, 2021
Humanities Short Eassy
February 17, 2021

1.What major differences do you see in the denominations and is there any room for theological agreement?150 word

2.How has the Christian movement changed from its early beginnings when the Church was holding councils and discussing the theology of the Holy Trinity, to the Church in modern times?150 word

3.Do you think that clothing tells us something important about the wearer or is it just a reflection of taste? What purpose does the hijab have in the Islamic faith? What is your opinion of this clothing after reading the chapter on Islam?100 word

4.What are the major similarities between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity? 150 word

5.There is often an assumption in the West that the Islamic religion is intolerant of other religions. Do you believe this to be wholly true? Why or why not? In what ways have the Muslims been treated with intolerance?  150 word

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